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Is Music One of the most Vital Thing When Going to See a Band?

The research study was carried out with visitors to a web site being asked to judge the winners of a music contest with 3 choices:

Listening and seeing the video of the performance
Watching the efficiency without music
Paying attention to the music only
In case number 2 an extremely high percentage (more than 60 %) guessed the winners properly. In the other two samples the outcomes were on a par with guessing (35 % or less).

Exactly what does this show?

It shows that audiences don't go to a performance or gig to listen to music, they go to be captivated. If audiences want to just listen to music they would simply listen to a CD.

"I saw Bon Jovi at Wembley last week"?


Most likely the latter

And that's because of an easy figure. 15 % of what an audience experiences is exactly what they hear, 65 % is exactly what they SEE! And 20 % is down to feeling - what they feel.But most bands focus on that 15 % and forget the rest. I've been to see many bands in my time and some have actually been technically dazzling but left me cold, some have been under par musically but had the audiences pleading for more.

I was lucky sufficient to satisfy Tom Jackson in 2014 at a celebration in Los Angeles. I was even more fortunate that he came to our rehearsal and offered me some suggestions on efficiency on two tunes.Tom Jackson is a world renowned live music producer/director who teaches efficiency the world over. He gets one of the most from an artist's performance.

Those 2 songs were the 2 individuals most remembered about the performance. It definitely drove home what I currently thought - that the show is much more than simply about the music.There have actually been times when musically/vocally I have performed severely yet the audience has gone away singing their hearts out, (even though I believed it was awful and think me there are those ready to let you understand).


Here's the thing though. A great deal of bands concentrates on themselves. They think that the music will promote itself. So they practice the music to death then perform technically brilliantly, but the audience leave unmoved.I have a basic approach - come along and take away a little bit of magic. And now that I've satisfied Tom and ever since a couple of others, who've enhanced that view, it's something that I actively participate in. Giving a piece de resistance and ENTERTAINING is much more important that being a great vocalist or fantastic guitar player.

I understand some talented singers/musicians who leave an audience as cold as ice.

I choose to have the audience leave having actually experienced something unique.

Come along and take away a little bit of magic!

It's not simply a punch line, it's a philosophy.


3 Have to See Live Bands

There are some bands that I've seen just when, other bands that I remain to see sometimes, but others that I still haven't seen.When all is said and done, there are a couple of bands whose live efficiencies stand above the rest in my mind. If you go to performances and live in a city frequented by visiting bands, I 'd definitely recommend checking out a few of these here.


The very first band that I’d suggest seeing live is My Morning Jacket. This indie rock band from Kentucky has Southern rock roots, blended with a unique contemporary twist that in some cases includes electronic layers and more.Most significantly, singer Jim James and the rest of the band placed on a program packed with raw energy. Tunes are known to last twice as long as they usually do, and the band's trademark reverb noise gives everything a surreal feel.The second band on my should see list is in fact a solo artist who used to be in a band. Ben Folds is one of the very best piano players I've ever seen in my life, and he probably places on the best live show of any piano gamer I've ever seen.For more information click on jazz band hire.


Folds doe’s things with the piano that you’d never understand were possible. I've seen him play tunes with a stool, not to discuss the fact that he can play notes quicker than just about anything I've ever seen done. Folds put on one heck of a program.The last one that I’d advise going to is a better recognized band, but a fantastic one at that. If you can ever get to a Pearl Jam show, I’d suggest doing it.The band seriously intends to please its fan base, giving everyone the 90s classics they prefer in addition to new material. Rates are constantly fair and the shows are a great time.



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